Fresh food made simple

Natural ingredients. Handcrafted meals. Prepared, chilled, and delivered. Ready to eat in minutes.

Fresh, Natural Ingredients

All our ready-made meals start with fresh, all-natural ingredients. Amazing food starts with top-quality ingredients, so we are always looking for the freshest, most flavorful produce and proteins available. And we bring that fresh flavor directly from our kitchen to your door each week.

Award-Winning Chefs

Our culinary team includes award-winning chefs with decades of restaurant and food prep experience. These chefs imagine and prepare all of your meals on site in our state of the art kitchen ensuring that each dish is crafted to our standards and delivers maximum freshness and taste.

Prepared, Chilled, and Delivered

Each meal is individually packaged and includes everything needed to cook a delicious, stress-free meal in no time. We prepare, chill, pack, and ship each day to ensure you get the freshest meals possible. And no need to be home for delivery - our boxes include insulating liners and ice packs to keep your meals cool and fresh.

Cook and Eat in Minutes

Skip the shopping, chopping, prep, and cleanup. Our ready-made meals can be made in the oven, microwave, or single pan, depending on what works best for that dish with some being ready in as few as 3 minutes. Just choose your cooking method and enjoy fresh, delicious meals on your schedule.

All Recyclable Packaging

All Recyclable Packaging

Getting you fresh food is our mission but we want to do it in an environmentally conscious way. All of our packaging is recyclable from the box to the liner to the ice packs to the meal containers. Individually portioned meals also ensure there is no food waste, no extra trash, and no cleanup. Our trays are also BPA-free.